Dapper Hutton

Dapper Hutton headshot
J. Freeland Chryst Award

Harry “Dapper’’ Hutton’s sports career spanned over 60 years.

His Farnum Playground softball team won the city playground championship in 1928-29.

He started managing softball teams in 1935, playing and managing Brobst Pretzels. His last managed Sheurich Brothers to three championships in the Strasburg League.

In 1956, he organized the South End AA, which won City and County tournaments and his 1963 South End team won the ASA State Championship at Lancaster’s Conlin Field.

He was inducted into the Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame and received the Big Conlin Field Memorial Award in 1970 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Lancaster Rec Commission Softball League. He was inducted into the Amateur Softball Association of Pennsylvania Hall of Fame in 1991.